We are a firm of qualified auditors, accountants and business advisers. What makes us different is our innovative and commercial approach. Our highly qualified and experienced staff provide services like Auditing, Accountancy, Business advice and Financial Planning, with the highest professional standards. We extend vital assistance to our clients, at all possible junctures. We work with like-minded people who challenge the process and make a difference. We follow International Accounting Standards/ International Financial Reporting Standards and committed to keep highest levels of professional standards and quality. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization
Management Consultancy

Business Planning

The key to any successful business is to have a clear plan and to take action during the implementation of the plan to ensure that progress is measured and corrective action taken where necessary. The aim of our business planning service is to:

  • Identify where your business is now.
  • Plan effectively for the future
  • Focus on key strengths.
  • Improve management information.
  • Maximize the effective use of resources.
  • Identify the funding requirement.
  • Forecast the financial implications of the project.

  • Having assisted in the preparation of the plan, we will then work with you in the months and years ahead in the monitoring and updating of the plan to ensure that the most effective benefit is obtained for you.

    Buying and selling business

    Buying and selling businesses is an area that requires specialist input from experts who deal with this type of work on a regular basis. The purchase of a business requires an understanding of the valuation of that business. We can assist with the undertaking of due diligence work to ensure that valuations offered are realistic and sensible. Likewise, if you wish to sell your business or part of the business, we can find out the value of your business.

    Setting up business

    A business can be very tricky, and often involves a great deal of personal risk. Many people expect that, when commencing in business, the only significant worry is whether it will be profitable or not. Whilst being profitable is obviously important, there are a large number of other considerations that need to be addressed. It is important that you research your potential business thoroughly, covering all aspects of the trade you are looking to join. These include:

  • Are there any similar businesses nearby?
  • Legal requirements
  • Trademarks and Business Names
  • Employment and Business Law requirements
  • Initial and Long Term Financing
  • Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise and other government requirements

  • Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it makes the point that setting up in business requires expert advice. This is where JAXA can help you. With our nationwide coverage, and local support and knowledge, you can be sure that any business you wish to set up will be in expert hands with JAXA