We are a firm of qualified auditors, accountants and business advisers. What makes us different is our innovative and commercial approach. Our highly qualified and experienced staff provide services like Auditing, Accountancy, Business advice and Financial Planning, with the highest professional standards. We extend vital assistance to our clients, at all possible junctures. We work with like-minded people who challenge the process and make a difference. We follow International Accounting Standards/ International Financial Reporting Standards and committed to keep highest levels of professional standards and quality. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization
Cash Flow & Forecasting

Producing regular business cash flow and projection reports can help your business to keep abreast of your financial position, and can help to provide warning for future problems and issues that may arise.

Other projections, such as balance sheet and profit & loss reports are also useful, especially when attempting to raise finance.

Unfortunately, such reports can be very complex to produce, and involve a great deal of expertise. Mistakes can be expensive, and incorrect information can lead to unsuccessful funding requests, or worse still, could result in financial difficulties for you and your business. At JAXA , based on our previous experiences, we can provide you cashflow forecasts and projection reports satisfying your requirements.